Ripley County prosecutor: Association will oppose all marijuana legislation efforts

Indianapolis, In. — The upcoming Indiana General Assembly could be a historic event. The session will likely hear proposals relating to medical marijuana, Sunday alcohol sales and handgun permit changes.

The Association of Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys, Inc., Smart Approaches to Marijuana and the Indiana Chamber of Commerce held a press conference in Indianapolis yesterday.

President of association is Ripley County prosecutor Ric Hertel. Hertel told the group his organization will oppose ANY measure regarding recreational or medical marijuana. He said, “The war on drugs is not over, it goes on everyday in every community and we’re not ready to throw in the towel.”

Hertel said Indiana lawmakers should look at what has happened in places like Colorado, Washington D.C. and Washington State where marijuana laws have been relaxed. He also supports a Food & Drug Administration analysis on the drug to support their position.