Greensburg clergyman nominated to national board

Washington D.C. — Reverend Dr. Michael Layne has been selected to serve on the 2018 National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives, Board of Governors. Layne will help refine, improve and strengthen the second edition of New Guidelines for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit.

National Director, Tracy Ebarb, said, “Dr. Michael has joined a working group that will peer-review a new set of capacity-building guidelines rooted in principles of moral agency, stewardship, freedom of speech, freedom of peaceful assembly, ethical practice, and transparency that supercharge charity. Dr. Michael is one of society’s guardians who use their expertise to ensure everyone experiences a life worth living.”

Dr. Layne is the senior pastor at the FaithPoints Church, Diocese of East Indiana, Lutheran Orthodox Church.

The National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives is the only nationwide membership organization in the country for executives seeking credentials in the art of nonprofit capacity-building. The organization is dedicated to developing new ways to advance the common good.