Becoming a D1 Recruit

Recently Bob Heidlage asked me the question “Why don’t local schools get more D1 recruits?”  I thought about this question, and here are some of my thoughts on it.

The first thing that D1 colleges look at is the size of your school.  If you don’t have at least 1,000+ students, they don’t think you play good enough football.  Secondly, colleges have a set of physical standards they think you must meet.  Right now, I doubt if there is a player at Batesville High School or other local schools their same size that meets these physical requirements–weight, height, and 40 meter speed.  I am not even sure that Mitch Orchell of Franklin County would meet any of these requirements other than speed.  A third priority is the notoriety that your school has attained in their programs.  Some of the recent Batesville athletes who had D1 scholarships were in minor sports such as track.  Finally, the ultimate factor is the priority of the student themselves and what they want in a college education.  A college may consider them for one of their sports, but the athlete may not be interested in what the college has to offer in academics.