Indiana Republican endorses Messer’s senate run

Indianapolis, In. — Indiana State Senate President Pro Tempore Republican David Long has issued a statement in support of U.S. Senate candidate Luke Messer. Here is the complete statement:  

“I have known Luke Messer for many years. As a young and talented member of the Indiana House, Luke proved his conservative credentials early on by helping us create a new vision for Indiana in partnership with Gov. Mitch Daniels. As a strong and innovative leader for educational choice, Luke fought to ensure Hoosier families and children have the options they need to obtain a world-class education. As a quickly-rising star in the US Congress, Luke has proven he can work with difficult coalitions of interests to move an agenda for the American people. And Luke is a great father and husband. Throughout it all, Luke and I have forged a strong bond of friendship and mutual respect that I personally value greatly.


 “Now Luke has announced he is running for the United States Senate. While the Republican Party is blessed to have a number of candidates interested in the seat, I believe Luke to be the absolute best person to effectively represent the interests of all Hoosiers in the US Senate. At a time when seemingly nothing gets done in Washington and partisanship is more important to some than country, Luke Messer is the type of strong yet thoughtful conservative who can help break through the quagmire of inaction and put the interests of our state and nation first. I am honored to endorse Luke Messer to be our next United States Senator from Indiana.”