Trooper makes lifesaving donation

Indianapolis, In. — Indiana State Police officers now carry a new life saving tool thanks to a donation from one of their own. Master Trooper Detective used his own funds to purchase 700 Resqme ® tools. The tools are used to break car windows and cut seatbelts.

May served on the state police dive team for 21 years. “I found it was the best way to break a car window above and below the water”, May said. The tool can be used in any event a car window needs to be broken.

May’s passion for securing the safety devices came after he was approached by a woman who lost her grandson in a car drowning. May then developed a relationship with a vehicle immersion expert Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht from the University of Manitoba and inventor of the tool, Laurent Colasse.

If your car goes into the water you will have about one minute to exit, you should immediately:

  1. Seatbelts: take seatbelts off or cut
  2. Windows: open or break the side windows
  3. Children: undo their restraints and get them out oldest to youngest
  4. Out:  exit through the window, children first.

After exiting climb onto the roof and wait for help, or prepare to swim or wade out.  Always attempt to roll down your window.  Even power windows will typically still work for a period of time in the water.