Purdue’s NCAA Sweet Sixteen Debacle

Will Purdue’s total collapse in the second half against Kansas keep Caleb Swanigan at Purdue another year or will he still turn pro?   At the time I am writing this article, Swanigan has not publicly declared what he is going to do.  Purdue is hoping that he comes back and leads Purdue into next year’s Final Four.

On the other side of the coin, the lure of the big money of pro basketball will be difficult to turn down.  I am hoping that he does like last year and tests the water but does not hire an agent.  That way if he is not satisfied with his prospects as a pro he can still return to college.

Swanigan still needs work on his outside shot and movement without the ball.  He is not big enough to play under the basket as a pro, so he will have to be a shooting forward.  With Swanigan and Purdue’s seniors-to-be plus a good recruiting class, they could be quite a power house next year.  At least I can still hope he comes back.