Thank a 911 dispatcher this week

STATEWIDE — This week is National Public Safety Telecommunications Week, or 911 dispatcher’s week.

It originated in California in 1981 and became nationally recognized by an act of the United States Congress in 1991.

In Indiana, the week has been recognized statewide since 1999, typically by a proclamation from Indiana’s Governor.

Public Safety Telecommunication week reminds all residents that the first step in receiving help is the initial call to 911 and hearing the voice of a local dispatcher.

These are the men and women that collect the initial information to pass along to law enforcement officers in the field.

Often times they are able to give immediate lifesaving directions to the caller during medical emergencies or can be the calming voice to reassure the victim of a violent crime that help is on the way.

The service of a 911 dispatcher extends well beyond taking calls from citizens as they are the lifeline to patrol units.

911 operators are one of the most important and under-recognized components of public safety.

We all would like to say a big thank you to all dispatchers for all of the work you do.