Seniors Dropping Out

At this time of the year you will find some of the less glamorous spring sports going on without some of their senior teammates.  It seems that some seniors find it hard to complete this last year in sports like baseball, tennis, golf, etc.  They come up with several excuses for not completing their 4th year of competition.

It always bothered me as a coach when one or more of these athletes would tell me they had to work so they could go to college.  I am pretty good at math, and unless they are being paid $50 an hour, I don’t think 3 months will make much of a dent on their college bill.  Another excuse was that they were just tired and needed time off before college.  That was always hard to believe–that an 18-year-old was that tired.  The 3rd excuse was that they wanted to try some other sport before they graduated.   That usually meant their friend was doing something else.

As a spring sports coach, I didn’t buy any of these excuses.  It usually meant some younger player was catching up and they didn’t want to work hard enough to stay ahead of them.  I am sure they regretted that decision later in life.