Media Event or Sport?

Last week was the MLB All-Star Game.  It supposedly was to start around 8 p.m.  At 11 p.m. the game was only in the 6th inning.  This meant that they had played 3 hours to complete a little over one half of a ball game.

I feel that All-Star Events in professional sports have little or nothing to do with displaying the talents of the players involved.  They are just another way for the management of that sport to make more money.  I am sure that ball players today have written in their contract that they get extra money for All-Star appearances, but this is a mere pittance compared to what everyone else is making from the spectacle that is being presented on TV.

We are all familiar with the half-time spectacular at the Super Bowl and baseball’s version called the Home Run Derby.  It was reported that the city of Minneapolis made nearly 8 million dollars on the latest All-Star baseball game.  It is totally about how much money one of these events can raise–not about the talent of the people involved.