Franklin County Commissioners To Vacate Former County Roads

(Image: Franklin County Government)
(Image: Franklin County Government)

Update (June 6 @ 5:55 a.m.)

Franklin County Commissioners have agreed to revise the ordinance regarding vacating old county roads.

According to the Franklin County Observer, if a landowner objects to the mass vacation of roads during a public hearing, the former road adjacent to their property will remain as is. Other roads would be vacated on August 1.

The revised ordinance will be presented during the Franklin County Commissioners meeting on Monday June 9.

In order to vacate a former county road Indiana Code dictates county officials to publish a notice with the names and address of adjacent landowners, send a notification to landowners by mail and hold a public hearing.

First Report (June 3)

Commissioners in Franklin County are planning to officially vacate some old country roads on July 1.

The impacted roads are not currently handled by Franklin County Highway Department and are not in the official county road system, according to the Franklin County Observer.

The select roads that will be vacated will be announced in a few weeks. A county official said the roads are not well-traveled and are more less some dead end roads in the county.

Landowners will assume ownership of the former roadways.

The decision to vacate the roads could end a few years of controversy regarding some roads. Some people wanted the roads vacated, while others wanted the roads open to the public or have the highway department reassume maintenance duties.