Panel Approves New Indiana School Standards

New guidelines could soon be part of the curriculum for Indiana schoolchildren as part of the effort to replace Common Core.

Members of the Indiana Education Roundtable, including Governor Mike Pence and State School Superintendent Glenda Ritz, voted to approve new math and English standards on Monday.

Members voted 21-3 in favor of math standards and 21-2 in favor of English standards.

The proposed guidelines will go to the Indiana Board of Education for a final vote on Monday, Apr. 28.

New state standards could have an impact on local taxes, Sen. Jean Leising (R-Oldenburg) said.

“The taxpayers need be aware of that fact that the legislative services agency estimated a pretty substantial cost to these new standards,” Leising said. “Their estimating ten and a half million for next school year and in 2015-2016 school year somewhere between 23 and 32 million.”

The proposal comes amid controversy from some opponents that argue the standards are not as rigorous as Indiana has previously had.

Education officials have until July to find a replacement for the federal Common Core standards.