Traffic Stop Leads To Drug Busts in Greensburg And Oldenburg

A traffic stop in Greensburg led police to conducting two search warrants with one as far away as Oldenburg.

On Wednesday, 34-year-old Daniel Holzer was arrested after a traffic stop led police to discovering crystal methamphetamine and marijuana, according to Greensburg Police Chief Stacey Chasteen.

Investigators said they learned Holzer was obtaining the crystal methamphetamine in Indianapolis and through a network of associates, it was being sold in Decatur County.

Authorities also claim someone Holzer was in contact  with someone in Oldenburg who was distributing Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), also referred to as “Acid” and MDMA, also known by the street name “Ecstasy” or “Molly”.

A search warrant was issued for a residence in Greensburg and Oldenburg.

Police raided a home on South Parkside Drive in Greensburg, and said they found quantity of powder methamphetamine, crystal methamphetamine, a handgun, and other evidence that police believe to be used in selling the narcotic.

Indiana State Police detectives and Franklin County deputies executed a warrant at a Pearl Street apartment in Oldenburg. Authorities said they located evidence of intravenous drug use and numerous doses of Ecstasy.

“The criminal investigation is ongoing and the findings will be presented to the prosecuting attorneys offices located in Decatur County and Franklin County requesting arrest warrants,” Chasteen explained.

“The Greensburg Police Department would like to express its gratitude to the Indiana State Police for its continued support, dedication and professionalism,” she added.