Boys’ Dream

I believe that most young boys still  have baseball at the top of the list of things they want to do when they are growing up.  I know by the time they get to high school many of them have altered that dream as they discover other sports.  But, when you they are 6  or 7, baseball is played by a very high percentage of them.  If you go to most smaller communities in the USA in the month of March or April, you will see a very large number of these boys involved in either baseball practice or in games.

As the years go by, one other sport is beginning to challenge baseball for that top spot.  That game is soccer.  To a 5 or 6 year-old boy, soccer is not yet a game, but just a natural thing to do.  If you have ever raised boys, you know that they only walk around the house for a short time.  After that they run and kick everything in sight.  You can see how soccer seems natural to them.  When older people put a lot of rules into the game, then the young boys have to decide if it is still fun for them to participate.  If you are not the kid who gets to score a lot of goals, it becomes a lot of work–and no fun.

Baseball allows most kids a lot of playing time until they reach a high school varsity team.  So for a period of 10 years, most young boys still like what baseball affords them.  Not many adults want to take these kids and have them play the game 12 months of the year like the sport of soccer wants to do.  They still get to play it from April to August and then they can move on.