Greensburg Run

You have to give a lot of credit to Coach Meyer and the Greensburg Pirates for their amazing run over the past 4 years.  No matter how this season finally comes out, this 3-A EIAC school has to their name 3 sectional championships,  2 regional championships, and ay least 1 semi-state  and state championship.

What makes this even more amazing is that during this same stretch another EIAC school–Batesville–has accounted so far for all but 2 of the Pirate losses during the last 3 years of that run.  For most schools in Indiana, when you are that dominant you at least have things easier in your own area and conference.  However, Greensburg has had the most trouble with Batesville who is in the same conference.

Coach Meyer and his staff have put together a team with 5 D-1 starters.  Bryant McIntosh is going to Northwestern to play basketball, Sean Sellers is headed for Ball State to play basketball, Colin Rigney will play tennis at Ball State, and Macy Holdsworth is headed for IU in baseball.  This leaves Ryan Welage, only a junior, who is yet to decide where he will play basketball.  Not many schools with 700 or so students have ever put this type of team on the basketball floor for 3 straight seasons.

Time will tell how this group will be remembered when the history books are written.  For now, it has been quite a run!