Changes To Batesville Board of Works

The City of Batesville recognizes Struewing for years of service. (Image:RCCF)
The City of Batesville recognizes Struewing for years of service. (Image:RCCF)

Upon his request, Ham Struewing was not been reappointed to the Board of Works. The City of Batesville and the Board of the community.

Batesville Mayor Rick Fledderman stated, “I am most appreciative of Ham’s commitment and dedication to the City of Batesville over the past 10 years. Ham is a valuable asset to our community and to this administration. He will continue to serve in other roles within the administration.”

Fellow board member Gene Lambert said in an email, “[Struewing] worked extremely hard on the issues and created much success.” He added, “always a great representative and advocator for Batesville and I can’t thank you enough for your service, leadership, honesty and dedication.”

With the departure of Struewing, Batesville resident Bill Flannery has been named to the board. He is a current member of the Batesville Economic Development Commission, Director of Ciera’s Club, and Director of the Batesville Area Historical Society and Former President of the Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Mayor Fledderman said, “With Bill’s appointment to the Board of Works, we have the same common sense and bi-partisan approach to issues and concerns facing the City as we did with Ham. We look forward to working with Bill in this new capacity.”