Bowl Games

Happy New Year!  Here we are in a new year and the bowl games are still going on.  It used to be that you got up on New Years Day, watched the Rose Bowl Parade, and then settled in for the Cotton Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Rose Bowl, and the Orange Bowl.  Of course, we didn’t have 300 channels to choose from, so you could not see every play of all of these games.  But still, it was a great day of football and you were certain you had seen the best football teams in the nation.  Now bowl games start sometime in December, and 30+ bowls later you get the national championship game.  This game rotates between several bowl sites.  We will all have to adjust next year because we are supposed to have a playoff to determine the national champion.  What this will do with the bowl schedule I am not absolutely certain.  I would assume that we will still have a multitude of bowl games because TV is where all the revenue is these days.  I still like the old system where the football season ended on January 1.