Have we over reacted to concussions in every level of sports?  I am not in any way questioning the need for quick and complete care for anyone who suffers a concussion.  I think the problem has become that all hits on the field of play now are considered concussions.  I am not advocating going back to the old football saying “he just got his bell rung”, but is it necessary to keep a student athlete from attending school for 3 weeks after a concussion?  Yes, it is, if it is truly a concussion.  I understand they now are not allowed to use computers during this concussion recovery time which makes it difficult for them to keep up with their studies.  I am sure that the medical field is just as perplexed as the rest of us because if they decide a bump on the head is not serious and some kind of delayed reaction occurs, the legal ramifications would get out of hand quickly.  Herein lies the dilemma.  Have they given the medical personnel a concrete set of guidelines for them to follow or is it left up to the individual person to decide?  Again I stress, I do not want any athlete on the field if they have any form of concussion.  We don’t need all of the complications that seem to have cropped up after years of not taking concussions seriously.  One of the solutions might be to add helmets to more sports than football.  Soccer and pole vaulting are two of the areas I think consideration for the helmet must be given.  We still want kids to want to play and not be afraid that serious health problems will occur if they do get hit.  Another solution might be to delay some sports until the kids are a little older and a little more coordinated.  I certainly do not have all the answers.