Weird Endings

Normally you would expect that the two best teams in baseball would bring their A-game to the World Series.  The first five games of the 2013 series proved to be just the opposite.  One game ended on an obstruction play at third base allowing the winning run to score for the Cardinals.  Not to be outdone, the Boston Red Sox won game 4 by picking off a St. Louis runner to end the game.  According to the announcers, neither of these plays had ever ended a World Series game before.  The series has had great excitement with games going down to the wire, teams going back and forth with leads in some games, and some outstanding pitching again on a sporadic basis.  Just to add to the comedy of errors portion of the series, was a dropped pop-up right in front of the pitcher.  Two runners for the same team wound up on the same base and players were throwing the ball everywhere except where it could be caught.  The pitchers didn’t want all the “glory” to go to their teammates, so one pitcher started game two, relieved in game four, and will be starting game 6.  This is not exactly how most teams set up a rotation for the World Series–but it did work!  As I stated earlier, this all took place in the first 5 games.