Property Taxes Due In November

Property taxes are due in Ripley and Franklin County on Nov. 12. Local Treasurers say if they are not paid by the deadline, the taxpayer will be charged more.

Franklin County Treasurer Veronica Voelker says property taxes can be mailed in to Government Center at 1010 Franklin Avenue, Brookville, Indiana 47012.

“We also have a drop box on the north side of the building,” Voelker said. Franklin County residents can also view the treasurer’s office website to pay the property tax bills online.

Residents of Ripley County may pay their property taxes by mail, online, or at the treasurer’s office. Taxes should be mailed to P.O. Box 176 Versailles, Indiana 47042. Taxes must be postmarked by the Nov. 12.

“You can also go to Ripley County Treasurer’s Office website and it will take you through the credit access for the county,” said Ripley County Treasurer Amy Copeland. “You can pay them online there.”

Copeland added, “We accept over the counter payment. Cash, credit card or check.”

The treasurer’s office is located in the Ripley County Annex Building on 102 West First North Street in Versailles.

Copeland added that her office will be closed on Nov. 11.  “Our office will be open from 8:00-6:00 p.m. on the November 7, 8, and 12,” she said.

How much is a resident penalized if property taxes are late?

“For the first thirty days it will be a fix percent penalty,” Copeland said. “If you pay after that thirtieth day, it goes to an automatic ten percent pentalty.”