We all know about the records of those well-known universities like Alabama football or Florida State baseball. They get all the national headlines. How about the small Wabash College Track and Field Program? It was run by legendary coach, Rob Johnson, for many years and he has the record for wins by any coach at Wabash College. Rob was able to do this at a college that does not give athletic scholarships but must rely on students who want to go there and can maintain their high standards of education and still play an intercollegiate sport. Rob is well-known in all coaching circles for his expertise in all areas of track, but especially relay teams. Even though he has retired from regular coaching, he is still helping with our Olympic program and is still in demand as a speaker at track clinics around the United States. Rob was able to recruit quality athletes who were top-notch in every aspect of the term. Many of them made their prowess known at the NCAA Championship levels. As I mentioned earlier, he was always one of the elite relay coaches in the United States. I have had the pleasure of knowing Rob personally, and I can assure you kids love to run for him. Many times his athletes surprised their Division I counterparts and took home the blue ribbons. Many of our coaches in the so-called lesser sports toil in these smaller schools, but still are well-known in the coaching fraternity and have furnished our Olympic teams with great participants and past champions. If your son ever ran for Rob, I am sure he has a lot of good things to say about him.