Coaches Corner

Tonight is the final show of Coaches Corner for this school year. We will begin again when the fall sport season rolls around in August. Since we are now being taped for a weekly appearance on ETC’s affiliate channel on TV, we may experiment with a show of Coaches Corner each month during the summer season. On one hand, I now have a little more freedom to do things during the warm summer months, but on the other hand, I miss the camaraderie with the coaches I talk to each week. This is a great group of individuals, and it is always a pleasure bantering back and forth with them each week. It also means I am a year older and as the years go by you wonder how many more of these you will be able to do. Here is one guy who hopes he has a lot more left in him. Once you become part of this fraternity, you hate leaving this group. It also keeps you up with everything going on sport wise in the area, and with the great sports we have in Southeastern Indiana it is always fun. Right now I will enjoy tonight, look at the summer proposal of ETC, and enjoy warmer weather. See you all, I hope, in August for another great year of Coaches Corner. Thanks WRBI, our sponsors, Isons, and all you fans out there!