When I was watching a NASCAR race not too long ago I was again wondering what the drivers were thinking about. I know some of it is showmanship and hype. If they can make it look like thy are going to cause a wreck the audience will perk up and get excited. I know some people go to the races just hoping to see a big wreck. With the improvement of the car’s makeup few drivers are hurt in NASCAR anymore. I think the other part of this is the makeup of NASCAR drivers. Most of them are a bit on the red-neck personality side and find it easier to settle things with harsh words and/or fists rather than reasonable conversation. The fact that most of them started racing before they could legally drive might be part of the trouble. They are put in the position of defending their territory before they have really grown up so they do things as most kids do when settling playground disputes. They are also show people in a way and that is the way a lot of actors tend to settle things as well. As I said earlier this is why a lot of people go to the races in the first place so this kind of behavior adds to the purses because more people come out and thus more money is on the table to win. Columbus native Tony Stewart is one of the shortest tempered racers on the circuit today. Oh well, I like to watch the races anyway.