Picking a Team

What kind of players would you choose if you could pick a basketball team? I am sure it probably entered your mind at one time or another. In high school you take what the community gives you, of course, but it is nice to dream. In today’s game of three-point baskets and tall, quick players, the choices are much more complicated. The first thing I want is a good student. It is just another classroom and the smart kids make the teacher look his/her best. The second trait I would look for is quickness. The best defensive players are the quick ones, and if the other team doesn’t score, they cannot beat you. The third trait is long arms and the taller the body is with those arms, the better it is. Next I would look for natural shooters. You can improve technique, but the natural shooters are still the best. As you might have guessed, I was a defensive minded coach since it was the fourth trait before I talked about shooting. You can stop most offenses if your kids have long arms, quick legs, and tall bodies. If you play the defense right, you get a lot of easy baskets that the defense set up so your offense does not have to be as precise as it otherwise might be. Of course, if I could choose a Brian Hoeing or a Brian McIntosh to start my team, I might overlook some of the above things. It is nice to talk about no matter what.