Every reporter asks the question about what the coach plans to do to beat their opponents. This question, of course, is what strategy does he plan to use. If you are a coach, you need to have a strategy but it has to fit your team. You might want to play someone man-to-man, but if you have big, slower kids that is hard to do. Also, you as the coach must be comfortable with what you are doing or your players will sense that what you are asking them to do is not what you really are comfortable with. To last as a coach, you have to know your players well and set up what you want them to do based on two important things:
1) It is the best plan to stop what your opponent wants to do.
2) Can my players do it well enough to be successful?
Sometimes as a coach you almost out-think yourself. The game is quite simple most of the time. If you play better defense than your opponent plays offensive, you will win. The opposite is obviously just as successful. If your players are good shooters, you just need to play good enough defense to outscore them and if you play good defense, set up an offense that is calculated and slowed down enough to get good open shots. I know it is hard in this small blog to completely explain strategy, but coaches, especially the new ones, try many times to make it too complicated for their team to make it work. One very successful coach was asked what his game plan was one time, and he simply said “I plan to outscore them.” He did–and they won!