Opening Day

Only in Cincinnati is there the temptation to make Opening Day a holiday. The parade is special as are all the other things that make this such an institution for Cincinnati. When can you take the day off from work and wind up going to the game with your boss? I remember teachers at Batesville High School saying they took a personal day from work and wound up riding to the game with Dick Lemen (the boss) in the car with them. Not one of them lost their job over this. I would think only in the Cincinnati Red’s area would this work. For many years the Reds always opened before all the rest of the teams because they were the original professional team. ESPN stopped this a few years back. ESPN is the main force behind all sport schedules these days. Just wait until FOX has their all day sports channel going. I suppose we will have an all out war on who rules. Even kids can skip school in this area and most principals will excuse it. I got to attend one opening day because it was spring break that year. I will always cherish the memory because it is a special treat. So when you finish reading this, get in your car and head for the Findlay Market Parade, and then head to the stadium for the game, a hot dog, and your favorite drink. I will be watching from my lift chair in the family room switching from one game to the next after Coaches Corner.