Opening Day

In a few days another baseball season will begin in the major leagues. Think back to some of the early season weather woes of the northern cities. There is the famous week of Cleveland snow that forced the Indians to play their home games early in one of the dome stadiums because they couldn’t get the snow off the diamond. Chicago has played some games in April when the air temperature was below 32 degrees. Then there was the year in Cincinnati that they removed 6 inches of snow from the artificial surface before they could play the game. What is even more amazing are the people who go to these games. I bet there will be kids in shorts even if the temperature is in the 40’s and the beer sales will be a lot brisker than the hot drink sales. I remember one game that was called in the third inning because the snow got too heavy to see the ball. The logical thing would be to play the first two weeks in the warmer climate cities, but no one wants those teams to get a jump on the schedule. There is a solution, but the owners will not pass that–drop 10 games off the schedule and start two weeks later. I think 150 games are enough to decide a true champion. Oh, well, put on your thermals and fill the flask with hot coffee and sit in the cold and root like it is July.