We are in the second week of spring break. When they first proposed the continuous calendar I thought it was a good idea. But the more I see it implemented the more I am questioning the way they are doing it. The timing of the breaks are causing quite the havoc with sport’s practice and scheduling. If I were a fall or spring coach I would be very worried about the next contest or how my team would react to the opening of the season as is happening with the spring sports. I know we dealt with this with the Christmas Break but then there were not games scheduled and you could give the kids a short break and then resume practice. Unfortunately I do not have a good suggestion on how to get the new schedule and the sport schedule to jive. It is not fair to either side as far as what you do during the break. In the fall the kids in sports will not get a chance to go anywhere because games will not stop. In the spring you will have to start the spring season after some of your athletes have been in Forida for a week or two. My suggestion is to take the fall break the first of November when fall sports for most are over and in the spring delay spring sports at least a week and schedule the tournament series one week later. The education must come first and that is why the breaks are longer in the first place. I guess that is why I am retired.