Urb Huser and Bob Flodder

I know my older readers recognize these two names. Urb Huser ran what is now Tuba’s Place and managed the Batesville team in the Tri-County baseball league. Bob Flodder, who is still with us, managed the Oldenburg team with his buddy, Bob Fisher. I wish I could find the record books for these two teams and the number of games they played against each other through the years. One or the other usually won the league title and then would up playing it off for the post-season tourney. That was a “best of three” if I remember correctly, and they normally played three games. During the hay days of the league, most of these tourney games were one-run victories and a few even went extra innings. After the game, most of the participants gathered at Huser’s tavern to either celebrate or drown their sorrows. It was amazing how this area produced so many great players during that era and how competitive these two teams were. I would be willing to pay money to see one of these games again over going to see any Major League game in person today. The ticket was much lower and the product on the field was almost as good. Here I am thinking about the past, but enjoying every moment of it. If you remember these games, I am sure you feel like I do.