Spring Training Begins

Teams are now playing Spring Training Games.  Most experts believe that many of the same teams that played in those final series last year leading up to the World Series Championship (won by the Royals) will be back fighting for the top again.  After all, some of the most prolific home run hitters are still on those teams.

Here is an example of what they did during the playoffs last year.

1.  Kyle Schwarber of the Cubs hit 2 home runs.  One was 440 feet and one was 460 feet.

2.  Anthony Rizzo, also of the Cubs, hit one 434 feet.

3.  Edwin Encarnacion of the Blue Jays hit one 436 feet.

4.  Two Royals, Kendrys Morales had one at 443 feet and teammate Eric Hosmer hit one 453 feet.

All of these homers left the park in excess of 100 mph.  Who says only pitchers can make the ball go 100 mph?