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Dave Miley

August 1, 2016 Coach Raver
If you haven’t heard yet, Dave Miley, a former Reds manager, has accepted the head baseball coaching job at Franklin County High School.  The vacancy in the baseball program was created when Tony Windle retired. […]
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Famous Walls

July 29, 2016 Coach Raver
The two most famous walls in baseball parks today are the Green Monster at Boston’s Fenway Park and the Ivy-covered outfield wall at Wriggly Field in Chicago.  The Green Monster is obviously the highest wall, […]
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How Are You MLB Teams Doing?

July 28, 2016 Coach Raver
As we near the trading deadline for MLB, which teams are following script and which are not?  In the national league, the Giants, the Nationals, and the Cubs were supposed to win their divisions.  The […]
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July 27, 2016 Coach Raver
Serena Williams is nearing a statistical point that may solidify what many people already believe.  A lot of today’s experts believe she is the best women’s tennis player ever.  At the recent Wimbledon Championship she […]
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Soccer Catches Up!

July 26, 2016 Coach Raver
If you have ever passed Gillespie Park on a weekend, you know that soccer is very popular with our younger Americans.  What you might not know is how fast soccer is growing at the professional […]
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Weekend Fun

July 25, 2016 Coach Raver
How about this for a weekend?  Taking a bicycle to the Illinois state line and riding it to the Ohio state line?  There is a race in Indiana that takes place each July in which […]
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NBA Draft

July 22, 2016 Coach Raver
In the recent NBA draft, it was quite obvious that the professional owners and coaches do not feel that the top prospects in basketball necessarily come from our colleges.  In the first round this year […]
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Garrett Wagner

July 21, 2016 Coach Raver
Garrett Wagner will be a junior at Batesville High School this fall.  He is a hurdler and quarter miler on the high school track team.  He won both hurdle events at the sectional this year […]
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Hayden Merkel

July 20, 2016 Coach Raver
Lisa Gausman, Batesville Track Coach, reported to me that former track star Hayden Merkel is now preparing to do missionary work in Iowa.  Hayden recently finished his college work at Wright State University in Ohio. […]
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Coaching Memories

July 19, 2016 Coach Raver
Doing the article yesterday on Coach Bell, brought back a lot of memories of my days of active coaching.  What you remember, of course, are the athletes you worked with.  However, you also have great […]
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