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Indianapolis Indians

August 12, 2016 Coach Raver
Thanks to Tom Dunker, my wife and I went to see the Indianapolis Indians play the Toledo Mudhens this past Sunday.  This was the first time my wife and I visited Victory Field in Indianapolis. […]
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Football Camps

August 11, 2016 Coach Raver
I read an interesting article in the Lawrenceburg Register about the Lawrenceburg Tigers and the North Decatur Chargers sharing practice time for the upcoming football season.  By following the rules set down by the IHSAA, […]
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Russia Doping Scandal

August 10, 2016 Coach Raver
When it was time for the Russian athletes to enter the 2016 Olympics, it was found that the Russian Sports Federation had quite a doping system set up.  When athletes were tested, their urine samples […]
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Paul Goldschmidt

August 9, 2016 Coach Raver
Do you want to hear a feel good story about baseball?  Here it is. Paul Goldschmidt is the first baseman of the Arizona Diamondbacks.  The announcers on an MLB Broadcast relayed a story about how […]
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Baseball Today

August 8, 2016 Coach Raver
I was just casually watching a Reds game when the announcers started to complain about the Arizona Diamond Back’s uniforms.  I certainly agree with them in their assessment that the uniforms were ugly. This got […]
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What Is “The Fridge” Doing Now?

August 5, 2016 Coach Raver
While reading Sports Illustrated, I noticed an article on William “the fridge” Perry.  Perry was a 300 lb. defensive player for Clemson and then the Chicago Bears.  He became famous with the Bears as a […]
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Did You Know?

August 4, 2016 Coach Raver
Pete Reiser, a long-time Brooklyn Dodger outfielder back in the 1950’s, is given credit for the warning tracks that are present in all big league diamonds.  When Pete played outfield, he was consistently running into the outfield […]
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Teddy Valentine

August 3, 2016 Coach Raver
The Indianapolis Star did a feature story on Teddy Valentine, a long-time Big Ten Basketball official.  Valentine is one of the first Afro-American Big Ten Basketball officials.  As a child, he was never expected to […]
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Trade Deadline

August 2, 2016 Coach Raver
Here are some of the trades that were made in major league baseball before the trading deadline yesterday afternoon.  A couple of them have local interests. Alex Meyer of Greensburg was traded from the Minnesota […]
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Dave Miley

August 1, 2016 Coach Raver
If you haven’t heard yet, Dave Miley, a former Reds manager, has accepted the head baseball coaching job at Franklin County High School.  The vacancy in the baseball program was created when Tony Windle retired. […]
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