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Plump’s 80th Birthday

October 4, 2016 Coach Raver

It is hard to believe that the young kid who made the “shot heard around the world” in 1954 turned 80 years old!  When you think of celebrities, they are usually people you do not […]

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High School Basketball Exodus

October 3, 2016 Coach Raver

I was reading an article in the Indianapolis Star about Southport’s Paul Scruggs.  He is the third Indiana High School star to transfer to a prep school this year.  Scruggs is headed for Prolific Prep […]

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Friday Night Lights

September 30, 2016 Coach Raver

This is the time of year when high schools are having their Homecoming football games. Even when a team is not winning, Homecoming is still a big deal. It excites the students as well as […]

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Craig Yeast–Titus McCoy

September 29, 2016 Coach Raver

Most of you probably do not know these two high school football players.  They both play for Center Grove High School.  McCoy was the primary candidate for Mr. Football in Indiana this year, but he […]

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Jose Fernandez

September 28, 2016 Coach Raver

Tragedy hit the Miami Marlins this past weekend with the death of Jose Fernandez, their 24-year old star pitcher.  His life was shortened by a boating accident in Miami.  Jose defected from Cuba in 2008 […]

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New Track Surface

September 27, 2016 Coach Raver

Thank you to athletic director, Bryan Helvie, and principal, Andy Allen, and the Batesville School Board for the beautiful restoration of the Batesville High School track surface.  At the football game on Friday night I […]

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Colin Rigney

September 23, 2016 Coach Raver

Colin Rigney is the son of John and June Rigney, and he is a tennis player at Ball State University.  Colin had to take a “red shirt” this year because of a shoulder injury he […]

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Homecoming at BHS

September 23, 2016 Coach Raver

Don’t forget that tonight is Homecoming at Batesville High School.  The classes and other organizations have been building floats all week, and they will be in a parade prior to the football game.  They will […]

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Parent Chooses the Sport

September 22, 2016 Coach Raver

Today many parents are pushing their children to choose one sport and go with it.  Most of this is motivated by the dream of their child receiving a Division I scholarship.  There is a very […]

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Class Sports in Indiana

September 21, 2016 Coach Raver

As you probably know, only team sports in Indiana have the class system.  Classes range from 2 to 6 depending on the team sport.  There is another move afoot to get the so-called individual sports–cross […]

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