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Tom Izzo

July 7, 2015 Coach Raver

Tom Izzo is the head basketball coach at Michigan State University.  His team was the 2000 NCAA Champion.  Believe it or not, that is the last time the Big Ten has won the championship.  His team […]

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Trevor Bauer

July 6, 2015 Coach Raver

Trevor Bauer is a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians.  In a recent article I read in Sports Illustrated, Bauer explained his long toss theory for keeping his arm strong and preventing the injuries that so […]

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Mud Bowl

July 2, 2015 Coach Raver

I recently read in the Lawrenceburg paper that Lawrenceburg High School is putting a synthetic surface on their football field.  For the past several years the “Bowl”, as it is known in Lawrenceburg, has been […]

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Roger Goodell

July 1, 2015 Coach Raver

Roger Goodell’s name has certainly appeared too often in the media this year.  If you do not know, he is the commissioner of the NFL.  He is really the owner’s puppet, not a leader.  Most […]

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Area Softball and Baseball

June 30, 2015 Coach Raver

Congratulations to the area schools who made a great run in the softball and baseball state tournaments this year.  Milan and Franklin County girls both made it to the semi-state in softball.  Ironically, both schools […]

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Boys’ Track

June 29, 2015 Coach Raver

Carmel High School has won a lot of state championships, but boys’ track has not been one of them.  Ken Browner led the Greyhounds to their 2nd state championship this year.  Ken and I are […]

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Lynna Irby

June 26, 2015 Coach Raver

What do you do if you are a 3-time state champ as a freshman?  You go out and do the same thing again as a sophomore and lead your team to a state championship.  Lynna […]

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Baseball Draft

June 25, 2015 Coach Raver

If you are not aware, Bryan Hoeing was drafted by a major league team this year.  The Arizona Diamondbacks picked Hoeing in the 32nd round.  On the Diamondback’s website they put their reasons for drafting […]

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Are Times Changing?

June 24, 2015 Coach Raver

You have heard me complain on this blog about Indiana and Purdue allowing “Blue Chip” basketball players to go out of state to play.  In the past couple of months, both IU and Purdue have […]

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Protecting Fans

June 23, 2015 Coach Raver

As I am sure you have read or seen on TV, that there have been a number of serious injuries that have occurred to fans watching baseball games.  One lady, attending an American League game, […]

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