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State Track

June 4, 2015 Coach Raver
Congratulations to Peter Heil of Batesville who qualified for the State Track Meet to be held tomorrow in Bloomington.  He will compete in the 300-meter hurdles where he is the school record holder with his […]
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Can You Remember?

June 3, 2015 Coach Raver
How many can tell me when the Indiana All-Stars play the Kentucky All-Stars in basketball this year?  Most of you will say June, and you are correct.  But, when in June, at what facility, at […]
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June 2, 2015 Coach Raver
We know that the state of Indiana is never going back to one-class basketball or football.  My question is:  When are they going to decide when all sports should be on a class basis?  They […]
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Heads Up Football

June 1, 2015 Coach Raver
After all the hype that the NFL put on head injuries in football, the different levels of participation in sports have put in place a very sound system of preventing such injuries in the future.  […]
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School Ends

May 29, 2015 Coach Raver
Most of the area schools either had their last day yesterday or will have it today.  Congratulations to all the seniors and their many accomplishments during their 4 years in high school.  The accomplishments are […]
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Lance Armstrong

May 28, 2015 Coach Raver
If you think you have heard the end of the Lance Armstrong story, you are mistaken.  He recently lost a $10 million settlement to one of his promoters while he was on the cycling tour.  […]
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Chad Pfiefer

May 27, 2015 Coach Raver
Most of you probably do not recognize the name Chad Pfiefer, but he hopes you do in a few years.  He has earned a card on one of the pro golf tours which in itself […]
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School Sports Injuries

May 26, 2015 Coach Raver
There have been many articles published about the increased number of injuries in school sports that have occurred since 2000.  A recent article published in the Indianapolis Star by Dr. James Andrews stated the main […]
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Reggie Wayne #87

May 25, 2015 Coach Raver
Most of you know that Reggie Wayne was recently released by the Indianapolis Colts.  He has been a Colt for 14 years and a very good one.  After his release, he had nothing but praise […]
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