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Where Are They Now?

August 12, 2015 Coach Raver

In 2000 the Indiana Pacers were NBA finalists.  Here is a list of 5 of those players and what they are doing today. Jalen Rose was the leading scorer that year.  He has been an […]

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Do You Remember 2000-2015?

August 11, 2015 Coach Raver

Here are a few memorable moments that have occurred since the turn of the century.  Some are certainly good, and a few will live in infamy for various reasons. 1.  9/10/2000 – Bobby Knight is […]

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Softball Phenom

August 10, 2015 Coach Raver

Ten-year-old Lily Stewart of Greenfield, Indiana, is making quite a name for herself in softball circles.  This summer she was entered in the Pitch-Hit-and Run National Contest.  She was one of the finalists in her […]

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Steve Cauthen

August 7, 2015 Coach Raver

This name is synonymous with horse racing and the Triple Crown of racing.  Cauthen rode Affirmed in 1978 to a Triple Crown Title.  With the emergence of American Pharoah this year, Cauthen’s name became a news item again.  […]

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MLB Players

August 6, 2015 Coach Raver

Professional baseball started in 1869 in Cincinnati.  From those early days, where there were only a few baseball teams to now where we have 30 teams in the major leagues with 25 players each, the […]

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Tobacco and Sports

August 5, 2015 Coach Raver

Just recently the city of San Francisco put a ban on the use of any type of tobacco on athletic fields.  This means that not only is cigarette smoking banned, but the use of smokeless […]

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August 4, 2015 Coach Raver

What is EGL?  According to an Indy Star story, EGL stands for Elite Gaming Live.  It is a program introduced in the Indianapolis School system for video game players.  It evidently was introduced in the […]

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Boy Gets Baseball

August 3, 2015 Coach Raver

If you were watching the Cincinnati Reds and Colorado Rockies game last week, you witnessed a good-feel story. Todd Frazier hit his 100th career homer, and the ball was caught on a carom by an […]

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Back to School

July 31, 2015 Coach Raver

Believe it or not, some schools are already in session.  If they did not begin this week, they will start next week.  That means that in just a few weeks all the fall sports will be […]

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Another Hickory

July 30, 2015 Coach Raver

I recently read an article published in the Indianapolis Star about the 100th anniversary of Thorntown’s State Basketball Championship.  It was in 1915 that this small town near Lebanon won it all.  In fact, Thorntown […]

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