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Spencer Haywood

September 9, 2015 Coach Raver

Spencer Haywood is the Curt Flood of basketball.  When Curt Flood brought about free agency in baseball, he changed the game forever.  Spencer Haywood did the same for pro basketball when he left college early.  […]

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Local Football

September 8, 2015 Coach Raver

When Batesville and Milan played their annual “Bell” game, both teams were missing their top running backs.  Michael Thompson of Milan, I understand, has an ACL injury and is probably out for the season.  This […]

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Labor Day

September 7, 2015 Coach Raver

Happy Labor Day! Labor Day is always the transition between summer and fall.  Pro football is starting, college football is here, and the September push to the Fall Classic of baseball is underway.  Pro basketball […]

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NCAA Basketball’s Final Four

September 4, 2015 Coach Raver

The city of Indianapolis has floated the idea of holding the NCAA ‘s Final Four in Indianapolis every year.  They gave several reasons why this would be a good idea.  First of all, it is […]

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Pacers and Hickory Jerseys

September 3, 2015 Coach Raver

As you probably know by now, the Indiana Pacers announced that during the upcoming NBA season they will be wearing a replica of the Hickory basketball jerseys that appeared in the film Hoosiers at designated […]

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2015 College Football

September 2, 2015 Coach Raver

The NCAA Division I schools are ready to start the 2015 season.  To no one’s surprise Ohio State and Michigan State are predicted to be the top 2 teams in the Big Ten.  Also, to […]

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Virtual Reality

September 1, 2015 Coach Raver

I recently read an article in the Indianapolis Star about Andrew Luck of the Colts.  This summer Luck found a virtual reality program that allows him to place himself as the quarterback in an electronic […]

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College Football Union

August 31, 2015 Coach Raver

Northwestern University’s football team tried to declare themselves a union.  Last week their request was denied by the court system because they are not considered state employees.  The whole idea behind the union was to […]

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Adidas and IU Sports

August 28, 2015 Coach Raver

Recently the Adida Sports Equipment Company and IU Athletics renewed their contract for using the company’s sports uniforms and equipment.  IU has been with Adida since 2004, and this contract will take them until 2024.  […]

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Brady vs. NFL

August 27, 2015 Coach Raver

If you like to listen to sports reporters argue on TV, you have found your wish since “Deflate Gate”.  I am trying to decide if Brady’s ego is as big as Roger Goodell’s thirst for […]

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