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Virtual Reality

September 1, 2015 Coach Raver
I recently read an article in the Indianapolis Star about Andrew Luck of the Colts.  This summer Luck found a virtual reality program that allows him to place himself as the quarterback in an electronic […]
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College Football Union

August 31, 2015 Coach Raver
Northwestern University’s football team tried to declare themselves a union.  Last week their request was denied by the court system because they are not considered state employees.  The whole idea behind the union was to […]
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Adidas and IU Sports

August 28, 2015 Coach Raver
Recently the Adida Sports Equipment Company and IU Athletics renewed their contract for using the company’s sports uniforms and equipment.  IU has been with Adida since 2004, and this contract will take them until 2024.  […]
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Brady vs. NFL

August 27, 2015 Coach Raver
If you like to listen to sports reporters argue on TV, you have found your wish since “Deflate Gate”.  I am trying to decide if Brady’s ego is as big as Roger Goodell’s thirst for […]
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West Badin Golf Course

August 26, 2015 Coach Raver
Last week on a mini-trip to West Badin/French Lick we drove up to see the Pete Dye PGA golf course in West Badin.  After driving straight up what seemed like a mile hill (probably only […]
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Eric Heppner

August 25, 2015 Coach Raver
This marks the 20th season that Eric Heppner is the head football coach at Batesville High School.  He is the longest tenured coach in southeastern Indiana.  Not only is Eric in his 20th season but […]
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Rushville Invitational

August 24, 2015 Coach Raver
This coming Saturday will be the Rushville Cross Country Invitational.  Rushville started this event almost 40 years ago.  At that time cross country was just becoming popular in southeast Indiana.  In the early days more […]
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Ethan Wilson

August 21, 2015 Coach Raver
Ethan Wilson, a graduate of Pendleton Heights High School, is a baseball player in the Chicago White Sox system.  He recently appeared in a game against Indianapolis while playing for the Charlotte Knights.  This in itself […]
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Finding Old Sportscasters

August 20, 2015 Coach Raver
Dick Enberg, who spent many years covering national sports for many of our nation’s top networks, is now doing about 130-135 baseball games each year for the San Diego Padres.  Enberg, who has lived in San […]
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How Good Is Carmel High School?

August 19, 2015 Coach Raver
According to a rating by Max Prep Cup, Carmel High School was ranked 3rd in the nation for high school sports the past school year.  Max Prep rates high schools based on how good they […]
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