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Wrong Priority

November 4, 2016 Coach Raver

I am all for high school sports.  After all, I coached at least one sport every year I taught.  However, there comes a time when the real purpose for high schools is to prepare their […]

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High School Basketball

November 2, 2016 Coach Raver

Believe it or not, high school girls basketball starts this week.  Most of the area schools will play at least one game this weekend.  The IHSAA has moved the girls season up so that it […]

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NFL in England

November 1, 2016 Coach Raver

I know why the NFL is playing games in England.  The seventeenth version of this series involved the Bengals.  The NFL wants to expand to London and possibly other cities in Europe because the crowds […]

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State Champ

October 31, 2016 Coach Raver

Congratulations to Oldenburg Academy’s Curt Eckstein who won the IHSAA State Cross Country Championship last Saturday at Terre Haute.  Curt’s margin of victory over the second place runner was one of the largest in the […]

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October 28, 2016 Coach Raver

With today’s instant messaging, everything has become abbreviated.  Even in the sports world everything is now acronyms.  If you are not a true sports fan, you would have no idea what some of the articles […]

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Purdue Football

October 27, 2016 Coach Raver

It was not a surprise when Purdue fired head football coach, Darrell Hazell.  It was a surprise when they fired him in the middle of the season.  Gerard Parker will finish the year as the […]

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Tom Brady

October 24, 2016 Coach Raver

I don’t think any of us were surprised when Tom Brady came back to the New England Patriots.  The Patriots game really never changes.  Sure, Tom Brady is one of the best–if not the best–quarterback […]

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Young Talent

October 21, 2016 Coach Raver

It is no longer a surprise when coaches bring some of their athletes to Coaches Corner.  Recently 3 young ladies from Batesville appeared with their soccer coach.  While the commercials were being run, he stated […]

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Coaches Corner

October 20, 2016 Coach Raver

I hope you listen to Coaches Corner each Monday evening during the school year.  It is a very good way to keep up with the local sports scene.  Do you know how many people it […]

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