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Fantasy Football

October 26, 2015 Coach Raver
DraftKings and FanDual are two prominent Fantasy Football contests.  Recently it was reported that a DePauw senior named Bryce Maurio has been winning big playing these two sights.  According to Fox 59 TV in Indianapolis, […]
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Usain Bolt

October 23, 2015 Coach Raver
A recent picture of Usain Bolt winning the 100 meter dash in the World Championships this summer, showed Bolt finishing slightly ahead of his 4 American pursuers.  What caught my eye in this S.I. picture was […]
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Lucas Stadium Roof

October 22, 2015 Coach Raver
In an article by Dana Benbow in the Indianapolis Star, the roof on Lucas Oil Stadium has been opened 18 times in the 56 games played there.  Who decides when the roof is closed or […]
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Another College Scandal

October 21, 2015 Coach Raver
I am sure that by now you have heard something about the alleged providing of escorts for recruits and their dads by the Louisville Cardinals.  Most of this has centered around the basketball program.  When […]
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Baseball Playoffs

October 20, 2015 Coach Raver
Just as the weather turned cold, true to form baseball has reached their final playoffs.  The 4 teams left are the Kansas City Royals, the Toronto Blue Jays, the New York Mets, and the Chicago […]
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Bryan Price

October 19, 2015 Coach Raver
Bryan Price will be the Reds manager again in 2016.  Why am I not surprised?  He had one year left on his contract, and the Reds are cheap.  If you haven’t realized this by now, […]
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My Theory

October 16, 2015 Coach Raver
I have thought for a long time that the umpire strike zone depends on who is batting, which team does he play for, and are they in the race for the championship.  It is much […]
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Big Ten Second Best

October 15, 2015 Coach Raver
Since Michigan State won the NCAA Championship in 2000, the Big Ten has been the runner-up 6 times in basketball.  The question continues–is the ACC better than the Big Ten in basketball?  The following are the […]
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PGA Golf 2016

October 14, 2015 Coach Raver
When Zach Johnson won the British Open, he stopped Jordan Spieth from winning 3 straight majors.  To show that there was no hard feelings between the two, they flew back to the United States in […]
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Hoosier Hot Shots of Old

October 13, 2015 Coach Raver
If you remember anything about Indiana basketball, these 6 guys all qualify as “hot shots”.  Included are Rick Mount of Lebanon High School and Purdue University.  He averaged over 30 points a game before there […]
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