Girl/Boy Basketball Doubleheaders

January 28, 2014

It is time for schools to schedule boys and girls varsity basketball games on the same night.  This format will make it much easier to satisfy Title IX and make sure gyms do not sit open on weekend nights.  This is happening now to satisfy the Title IX requirement for equal girl and boy...

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More County Tourney Thoughts

January 27, 2014

On Friday I listed some of my thoughts on the reduced attendance at the Ripley County Tourney games.  Another thought on why the attendance is lower today could possibly be the number of games involved and the fact there are two tournaments in one–a boys tourney and a girls tourney.  This causes people to...

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County Tourney Revisited

January 24, 2014

The just completed Ripley County Tournament was a success when you compare it to other tournaments being held in the state of Indiana.  However, it is no where near the event it used to be.  In its heyday you had to know somebody or compete in a lottery just to get tickets to attend. ...

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Hope Springs Eternal

January 23, 2014

If you are one of those who have a ticket to the Reds’ Caravan occurring today, you can begin to speculate on the success of the Reds this year.  With a new manager at the helm, former pitching coach Price, the Reds probably will look similar to last year.  Let’s hope that he will...

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Red Caravan

January 22, 2014

Tomorrow the Reds Caravan for 2014 will be in town.  As usual, they will appear at The Sherman House, and this year it will be  10 a.m.  Every year it allows the avid baseball fans a chance to get baseball fever in the middle of the winter.  This year Marty Brennaman will head the list. ...

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January 21, 2014

I wonder how many things I used as a backstop for my baseball throwing sessions as a kid.  I never had one of those throw-back devices, so all of my backstops were home made.  The most practical one was a stack of straw or hay bales lines up along the barn wall.  They didn’t damage...

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Hall Hockey

January 20, 2014

Did you ever play “hall hockey” as a teenager?  This was the most fun in a college dorm with the cement block walls lining the hallway.  Anything could be used as the hockey stick (broom, umbrella, or bat) and a tennis ball usually wound up as the puck.  The real skill was being able...

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January 17, 2014

I was reminiscing about the “good old days” with a friend the other day, and the topic of rainy day activities came up.  We know what a kid would do today–he/she would pull out an electronic device and spend the next 4 hours playing on it.  Since my party-line phone didn’t have any of...

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January 16, 2014

Each year at this time the rounds of interviews go on for new NFL coaches.  This year there are more than the usual openings for head coaches.  The Bengals J. Gruden has already been hired by Washington, and Mike Zimmer is rumored to be going to Minnesota as their head coach.  I don’t mind...

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Prevent Defense

January 15, 2014

You have all heard people say “it is time for the ‘prevent defense’ to end this game”.  What usually happens is the “prevent defense” prevents the team using it from winning.  No one wants the opposing quarterback to throw a 60-yard pass over the head of your defense to win the game in the...

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2014 Business, Citizen & Teacher...
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