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Coaching Switches

April 11, 2016 Coach Raver

I was surprised to see that Vanderbilt University is expected to hire Valparaiso Coach Bryce Drew as its new basketball coach.  Drew, of course, is remembered for his playing career at Valpo where he played […]

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Old Friends

April 8, 2016 Coach Raver

The other day I was having breakfast with Ray Gibson, a high school classmate and friend.  Over breakfast we started discussing high school sports.  Ray and I both played baseball.  Ray was a pitcher, and I […]

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More on NCAA Tourney

April 7, 2016 Coach Raver

Yesterday I proposed a system for determining the 64 teams for March Madness.  I have a couple of stipulations that would go with this system. First of all, no matter how many teams a conference […]

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My Way to Get 64

April 6, 2016 Coach Raver

Even though the NCAA is over, I am still pondering a different way to determine the 64 teams who will participate.  I would like to take everything out of the hands of a committee.  I don’t […]

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Sideline Reporters

April 5, 2016 Coach Raver

In some businesses, women are still treated like second class citizens.  This is not my view, but simply one that is reported constantly by certain media.  This is not the case when it comes to […]

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Opening Day

April 4, 2016 Coach Raver

Today is Opening Day in Cincinnati!  It is a unique experience for anyone who is able to go to this game.  No other city in the United States treats Opening Day like Cincinnati. How many […]

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Boys High School Volleyball

April 1, 2016 Coach Raver

I was recently reading the Cincinnati Enquirer, and I noticed an article on high school boys volleyball.  Most of the bigger high schools in Ohio still play this sport.  I am not sure if any […]

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Retiring Players and Numbers

March 31, 2016 Coach Raver

Just recently the Indianapolis Colts reported that they will retired Peyton Manning’s No. 18.  This is a common practice when someone does a great job as a sports figure for a certain team.  No one […]

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Wounded Brackets

March 30, 2016 Coach Raver

How does your NCAA bracket look now?  How many of the Final Four do you have left?  With all the upsets that took place early in the tournament, many brackets took the big hit early.  […]

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A New One On Me!

March 29, 2016 Coach Raver

I thought I knew basketball rules pretty well.  I certainly new that the ball had to leave your hand for it to be a shot when clock management is in question.  I also believed that […]

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