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Can I Impress You in 48 Hours?

February 25, 2016 Coach Raver
An NCAA visit for a prospective athlete is restricted to a 48-hour weekend.  In these 2 days you have to sway a young athlete that your school is the best for him or her.  In the […]
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Super Bowl 100

February 23, 2016 Coach Raver
In a Sports Illustrated article authored by C. Stone, he theorized what the Super Bowl would be like in 2066.  How much of it would be the same as this year’s Super Bowl.  He figured […]
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State Bound

February 22, 2016 Coach Raver
Congratulations to Coach Scott Smith and the Jac-Cen-Del Lady Eagles on their semi-state win over Vincennes Rivet 46-43.  This was the third straight semi-state for the Lady Eagles and their first championship.  They will play […]
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Griff Whalen

February 19, 2016 Coach Raver
An article by Zak Keefer in the Indy Star talked about the reason Griff Whalen is in the NFL.  After all, when he graduated from Stanford the scouts said he was too small and too […]
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The Ultimate Specialist

February 18, 2016 Coach Raver
Randy Choate is a left-handed pitcher with the St. Louis Cardinals.  Last year he appeared in 70 ball games.  In 51 of those 70 games he only faced one batter.  This means that Choate only pitched […]
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High School Basketball Scoring

February 17, 2016 Coach Raver
Recently the Batesville/East Central basketball game wound up with just 53 points being scored.  It is an example of many of the scores in basketball this year.  I have seen more 30-point games than 80-point […]
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Tie Games in Soccer

February 16, 2016 Coach Raver
At the present time, when a soccer match ends in a tie, the tie is broken by penalty kicks.  This is not really a fair measure of who the best team is.  Penalty kicks, a […]
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Andrew Smith

February 15, 2016 Coach Raver
I am sure that unless you are a Butler Bulldog fan, you will not remember this name, Andrew Smith.  Just before he passed away on Jan. 12, Brad Steven(his college coach) missed an NBA game […]
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Novel Idea

February 12, 2016 Coach Raver
What about this idea–the NCAA allowing basketball games during only one semester a year?  This would mean that the student athlete would have to go to school a full semester and pass before he ever […]
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