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Coaches Corner Finale

April 18, 2016 Coach Raver

Tonight will end another successful season of Coaches’ Corner.  Our program tonight features several local track programs as well as the Batesville Academic Team.  We hope you will tune in for our season finale! It […]

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Villanova Recruits

April 15, 2016 Coach Raver

As has been the case for many seasons now, when a team wins an NCAA basketball championship they don’t have to rebuild the next year–they just re-load.  This seems to be the case for Villanova.  […]

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Revolving Quarterbacks

April 14, 2016 Coach Raver

Purdue University is known for producing high quality quarterbacks in their football program.  This upcoming year redshirt freshman, Elijah Sindeler, will be battling incumbent quarterback David Baugh.  Sindeler, a Mr. Kentucky of 2 years ago […]

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Dominate Champions

April 13, 2016 Coach Raver

Two of Women’s College Basketball Divisions were dominated by their 2015-16 championship teams.  In Division I,  U Conn won its 4th straight championship when they defeated Syracuse in the finals this year.  This marks the […]

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Archie Dees

April 12, 2016 Coach Raver

Big Ten MVP and the star of IU’s 1957-58 Big Ten Championship Teams passed away recently at the age of 80.  Dees scored 2,333 career points for Mount Carmel High School in Illinois before coming […]

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Coaching Switches

April 11, 2016 Coach Raver

I was surprised to see that Vanderbilt University is expected to hire Valparaiso Coach Bryce Drew as its new basketball coach.  Drew, of course, is remembered for his playing career at Valpo where he played […]

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Old Friends

April 8, 2016 Coach Raver

The other day I was having breakfast with Ray Gibson, a high school classmate and friend.  Over breakfast we started discussing high school sports.  Ray and I both played baseball.  Ray was a pitcher, and I […]

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More on NCAA Tourney

April 7, 2016 Coach Raver

Yesterday I proposed a system for determining the 64 teams for March Madness.  I have a couple of stipulations that would go with this system. First of all, no matter how many teams a conference […]

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My Way to Get 64

April 6, 2016 Coach Raver

Even though the NCAA is over, I am still pondering a different way to determine the 64 teams who will participate.  I would like to take everything out of the hands of a committee.  I don’t […]

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Sideline Reporters

April 5, 2016 Coach Raver

In some businesses, women are still treated like second class citizens.  This is not my view, but simply one that is reported constantly by certain media.  This is not the case when it comes to […]

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