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Tom Brady

October 24, 2016 Coach Raver
I don’t think any of us were surprised when Tom Brady came back to the New England Patriots.  The Patriots game really never changes.  Sure, Tom Brady is one of the best–if not the best–quarterback […]
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Young Talent

October 21, 2016 Coach Raver
It is no longer a surprise when coaches bring some of their athletes to Coaches Corner.  Recently 3 young ladies from Batesville appeared with their soccer coach.  While the commercials were being run, he stated […]
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Coaches Corner

October 20, 2016 Coach Raver
I hope you listen to Coaches Corner each Monday evening during the school year.  It is a very good way to keep up with the local sports scene.  Do you know how many people it […]
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College Football Halftime

October 19, 2016 Coach Raver
A couple of Saturdays ago, TV actually showed part of a halftime band show.  In the old days these were always part of television’s broadcast protocol. After all, the band members practice hard all week […]
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What Should The Reds Do?

October 18, 2016 Coach Raver
The Reds took one step in the right direction when they kept Bryan Price as their manager for next year.  Continuity is the best way to improve any program in sports.  I believe the second […]
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Pacer’s New Coach

October 17, 2016 Coach Raver
Nate McMillan is the new coach of the Indiana Pacers.  Nate was an assistant with the Pacers the last couple of years.  McMillan started out his career at North Carolina State playing under Jim Valvano. […]
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Bump Zone

October 14, 2016 Coach Raver
Sometime ago I did a series on numbering in baseball and football. Today is a brief overlay of the “bump zone” in pro football.  There was a survey to see what football fans would like […]
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ESPN Sports

October 13, 2016 Coach Raver
How many ESPN channels do you have on your home TV?  I think I have 6.  When you consider that most of these channels carry 24-hours of sports, you get a lot of repetition.  In […]
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Area Football Draw

October 12, 2016 Coach Raver
Next week begins the 2016 IHSAA Football Playoffs.  In 4A the East Central Trojans will be playing the Shelbyville Golden Bears.  This should be quite a football game.  There is a lot of history between […]
Local Sports

Cross Country Sectional

October 10, 2016 Coach Raver
Congratulations to the Batesville girls and the East Central boys in winning the South Dearborn Cross Country Sectional.  The ladies from Batesville dominated the girls sectional title while East Central edged out Batesville for the […]
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