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Lynna Irby

December 8, 2016 Coach Raver

The signing day for high school athletes was recently announced.  Lynna Irby, star sprinter from Pike High School, signed her letter of intent to attend Georgia University.  The high school senior is a perfect 45-0 […]

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Ray Craft Today

December 7, 2016 Coach Raver

Eight months ago Ray Craft’s wife of 55 years died unexpectedly from a fall.  Craft was recently interviewed by the Indianapolis Star.  They wanted to know how he was doing and how his life has […]

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Free Agency

December 6, 2016 Coach Raver

What is expected to be a wild off-season in baseball has already begun. Two of the early deals show how some of the teams are thinking.  The Phillies got Howie Kendrick from the Dodgers for […]

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Jimmy Chitwood

December 5, 2016 Coach Raver

How many points did Jimmy Chitwood average in the movie Hoosiers?  In an article by Nat Newell in the Indianapolis Star, Nat determined that Chitwood averaged 28.6 points per game.  He watched 7 games in […]

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December 2, 2016 Coach Raver

Every day it seems you read about another major mistake made by officials in the interpretation of the rules of the game.  From the roughing of the kicker that was not called in an NFL […]

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Will These Coaches Last?

December 1, 2016 Coach Raver

It is that time of the year in the NFL when the prognosticators begin debating which NFL teams will change coaches during or at the end of the season.  Here are 4 teams that may […]

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IU vs. PU Basketball

November 30, 2016 Coach Raver

This is the way I see Indiana’s two Big Ten basketball teams.  IU puts offense first while Purdue puts defense first.  Painter believes that you can only win games if you can keep the other […]

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Friday Night Big Ten Football

November 29, 2016 Coach Raver

It has been recently announced that the Big Ten will start playing a limited number of football games on Friday night next year.  This has caused quite a stir for all high school athletic associations–especially […]

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What A Night

November 28, 2016 Coach Raver

Sometimes an athlete needs a “wake-up call”.  Pat McAfee, the punter for the Indianapolis Colts, got one back in 2010.  In a story in the Indianapolis Star, the events of that evening were re-told.  In […]

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3A Playoff

November 25, 2016 Coach Raver

Good luck to the Lawrenceburg Tigers as they compete for the 3A state football championship.  The 13-1 Tigers will play the 12-2 Fort Wayne Concordia team on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. at the Dome in […]

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